Attention all Melbourne outdoor enthusiasts! Whether you’re gearing up for a serene picnic amidst the sprawling greenery of Yarra Bend Park or embarking on a thrilling bushwalk, the allure of sumptuous outdoor-cooked meals cannot be overstated. In your quest for outdoor gastronomic excellence, efficiency and quality are paramount—and the Fire Maple stove emerges as a quintessential game-changer for adventure aficionados.

Synonymous with durability and superior performance, the Fire Maple stove is the ultimate companion for all your Yarra Bend Park adventures. Below are compelling reasons why this gear is integral to efficient outdoor cooking.


The compact and lightweight design of the Fire Maple stove makes it a breeze to carry in your backpack as you navigate Yarra Bend Park's diverse landscapes—from the sinuous pathways along the Yarra River to the sublime cliffs offering panoramic views. A cumbersome cooking kit can impede your journey, but a Fire Maple stove's lightweight nature ensures your explorations remain unhampered.

Ease of Use

Outdoor cooking ought to be relaxing and enjoyable. Fire Maple stoves boast a user-friendly interface, including straightforward ignition systems and precise flame control. In no time, you can whip up a nourishing meal to fuel you after a day spent immersing yourself in the natural splendour of Yarra Bend Park.

Fuel Efficiency

Eco-conscious and aiming to avoid running out of gas in the midst of nature? Fire Maple stoves rise to the occasion with exceptional fuel efficiency, allowing you to maximise every fuel canister. This translates to a lower environmental footprint as well as the capacity to cook more meals using lesser fuel—lightening both your load and expenditure.


Given Melbourne’s capricious weather, it is essential to be equipped with sturdy outdoor gear. Constructed with robust materials, Fire Maple stoves are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor conditions, be it an unanticipated downpour or the vigorous winds frequent in open terrains. Your cooking remains uninterrupted, whatever the weather may hurl at you.

Cooking Performance

The Fire Maple stove transcends mere water boiling; it ushers in a cooking performance that rivals your home’s kitchen stove. Thanks to even heat distribution and robust burners, you can masterfully simmer pasta sauces or fry up delectable fresh fish sourced from the Yarra River—all while enveloped by nature's embrace.

Yarra Bend Park stands as a verdant jewel for Melbourne locals, waiting to be delved into. With a Fire Maple stove by your side, you’re at liberty to relish in gourmet dining within nature’s lap. Envision crafting a feast near the illustrious Studley Park Boathouse or as you observe local kangaroos grace the landscape at dusk. High-quality cooking equipment such as this transforms the park into a personal al fresco dining area, complete with an ever-compelling rotating view.

Our centrally located Melbourne outdoor shopping haven is proud to showcase an impressive assortment of Fire Maple stoves and accessories. We are dedicated to providing our customers with premium gear that integrates outdoor cooking as an effortless facet of their ventures. Secure your Fire Maple stove today, and take your outdoor dining experiences in Yarra Bend Park to breathtaking new heights.