Today, I am thrilled to share the story of why I embarked on the journey to create Cosy Camp, an online retail shop for outdoor gear. This blog is going to outline the reasons that inspired us to take this path, and how the love for nature and adventure laid the foundation for this passion-driven venture.

A Love Affair with Nature:

My story began in a remote village. I was born and grew up in a place akin to Far North Queensland. I experienced the wonders of the outdoors with my family and friends at the very early stage of my life. My weekends were filled with the excitement of venturing into the wilderness to pick mushrooms and fruits, catching fish and shrimps in the creek, and picnicking in the national park. These simple yet magical escapades laid the foundation for my fascination with the great outdoors and ignited a lifelong curiosity to explore nature’s offerings.


Embracing New Horizons in New Zealand and Australia:

Life often leads us on unexpected journeys, intertwining diverse experiences that shape our destinies. I always wanted to know what the outside world looks like. Driven by a thirst for an unknown world and a yearning to explore beyond the border of my homeland, I embarked on a journey to New Zealand and learn English. This leap of faith eventually leads me to attend university in Australia. As fate would have it, I crossed my life-long friends during my time at university. Together, we shared a common passion for entrepreneurship and a vision to create something meaningful. Our backgrounds couldn't have been more different, yet our dreams aligned perfectly, and we found strength in each other's experiences and perspectives.

As life became increasingly fast-paced and digitally-oriented, we noticed a growing trend of people yearning for an escape from the confines of city life. The desire to unwind, unplug, and reconnect with nature seemed to be a shared sentiment among many. I want to be a part of this transformative journey for others by providing them with the equipment they need.

Lake Matheson  (New Zealand)


From Sentiment to Purpose: Founding Cosy Camp: 

As my love for outdoor activities grew, so did the desire to share this passion with others. The memories of mushroom-picking weekends, camping in the wilderness, and hiking to the top of mountains all coalesced into a singular vision. With the support from my uni friends, we founded Cosy Camp, an online retail shop dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor gear and fostering a community of outdoor enthusiasts. 

My journey from a remote village to the multicultural environment of Australia infused our business with a unique blend of perspectives. Cosy Camp is not just a business; it's a celebration of the beauty and serenity of nature, a tribute to my rural upbringing, and a testament to the power of passion and determination. The idea of Cosy Camp was not merely about selling outdoor gear but about building a community of like-minded adventurers. I envisioned a space where outdoor enthusiasts could gather, share their stories, and inspire each other to explore the beauty of the world. Nature Awaits, Gear Up and Let’s Go.